About Us – Kate Markham


Kate Markham, PH.D., Scientist

At Nitrome Biosciences, Kate is characterizing the enzymology and structural components of enzymes. Working with neurological proteins, Kate used biophysical techniques to elucidate structural information about the folding and misfolding of the prion protein. Additionally, she used spectroscopic methods to determine the Ki for small molecule inhibitors to lipoxygenase-12 to initiate the development of a therapeutic for diabetes. Prior to her structural work, she performed enzymology at CytomX and in graduate school characterized novel active site targeting antibodies, developed active site titration assays, developed ELISA protocols for assessments of samples in vivo models, and characterized novel protease substrates. As a scientist at Bioverativ/Sanofi, she was able to contribute to the writing and review of technical reports in support of IND submission, as well as perform critical experiments for such reports. She developed and characterized bioassays for the identification of pharmacodynamic biomarkers of classical and alternative complement activation. Kate received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University California Santa Cruz in the program for biomedical science and engineering and BS in Biochemistry from San Francisco State University.