About Us – Sami Hussain


Sami Hussain, MS., BA., Senior Scientist

Sami Hussain is currently developing the HTS assays for measuring the activity of the novel enzymes and the compounds that will inhibit them. After working in genomics on the Human Genome Project and DNA microarray technologies at Affymetrix, he transitioned to small molecule and antibody drug discovery at Exelixis, Renovis, iPierian, True North Therapeutics, Bioverativ, and currently at Nitrome Biosciences. His efforts in research, development, and clinical assay transfers have contributed to the successful progress of three clinical drug candidates so far: IPN007, a tau antibody for PSP and Alzheimer’s Disease; and BIVV009/BIVV020, complement C1s antibodies for Cold Agglutinin Disease and other autoimmune blood disorders. He studied genetics and molecular and cell biology at UC Berkeley and Stanford.